’s busy month: closing in on 100 supporters!

Close to 100 infosec and IT pros have joined in our first month – a great sign of support for the digital right to repair. Our numbers are still growing, too. So sign up now!

It has been less than a month since launched and we’ve already attracted the support of close to 100 of the world’s top information security professionals all over the world. Our supporters’ list is 86 men and women strong and growing. You can check out the list of our supporters on the Who We Are page.

(If you signed up but do not see your name there, be patient! We’re working through a backlog and still have more names to add.) 

Our supporters include men and women at the top of their field, including Gary McGraw of Synopsys, who (literally) wrote the book on securing software, Tarah Wheeler, the head of Global Security at the firm Splunk, nmap inventor Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon, acclaimed author and speaker Bruce Schneier, bug bounty pioneer Katie Moussouris and Chris Wysopal, a recognized authority on software application security and testing and the Chief Technology Officer at Veracode. 

Our initial launch also received positive media coverage from the likes of Wired Magazine (“Security Experts Unite over Right to Repair“) and Boing! Boing! (The amazing “Securepairs will send debullshitifying security experts to Right to Repair hearings to fight Industry FUD“). We also earned a mention in this Motherboard story on Apple’s latest bogus, anti-repair argument. 

Close to 100 information security and information technology professionals have joined in our first month.

This is an amazing achievement in fewer than four weeks and a sign of the deep, grassroots support. Additionally, we are continuing to add to our ranks. If you’re reading this and are an information technology or information security professional, check out our sign-up page to add your name to our ranks, or reach out to us via Twitter (se. 

In the weeks and months ahead, look for supporters and subject matter experts to be standing up and speaking truth about the need for a digital right to repair and calling out industry efforts to cast repair and maintenance of digital products as a cyber security or safety risk. An owner’s right to repair is vital to a safe, secure and sustainable future. Security pros know that and we plan to fight for it!

If you’re with us, sign up as a supporter now!