Expansion for Right to Repair Law set for Nov. Ballot

After facing a challenge from the Coalition for Safe and Secure Data, increased access to automobile data is now set as a certified ballot question and will be presented at the ballot box in November. 

Passing of the ballot initiative would allow automobile owners to request repair information directly from manufacturers and be able to access it wirelessly if their car is a 2022 model or newer.

The group, who is a known opponent of the expansion of the Massachusetts right to repair law, challenged the passing of the issue on the ballot stating that the electronic signatures for the campaign had been “mishandled” and the gathering of data was a breach of 24,000 voters’ cybersecurity. 

Their challenge was withdrawn after the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of Helen Brady, Republican candidate, who had been deemed ineligible for voting because of how electronic nominations for her own campaign had been collected.