Video: Securing the Long Now: Digital Right to Repair and the IoT Panel

If you’ve been looking for a concise discussion of the issues surrounding a digital right to repair and the Internet of Things, you should check out the panel discussion SecuRepairs took part in at the recent IoXT Virtual Conference. I’m joined by Nathan Proctor of US PIRG (@nproctor) and Kyle Wiens (@kwiens) of iFixit.

“We are really at the very front edge of having to deal with the first generation of Internet connected things becoming obsolete.”

— Nathan Proctor, US PIRG

Our conversation is a good primer on the digital right to repair issue: we discuss both the stakes of the digital right to repair issue: property rights, the environment, sustainability and anti-trust.

We also talk about the bigger picture – including the emerging Internet of broken stuff. Nathan Proctor, of PIRG, noted that the Internet of Things risks giving way to a landscape of “zombie” devices- unsupported, unpatched and vulnerable.

Check out our full conversation online here: